Send a Brick to Congress!
Here's what the message attached to your brick will say:
The American People have demanded construction of a wall and a stop to all illegal immigration - because you have done NOTHING but fight our president from achieving this task, we have found it necessary to eliminate you from office.
[x] - Standing against President Trump and blocking U.S.-Mexico border wall funding and failing to repair our broken immigration system

[x] - Deliberately misleading the public about the costs, timeframe, practicality, and economic benefits of having a wall on our border

[x] - Allowing sanctuary for illegal aliens who commit crimes against our nation and depend on American taxpayers for support.

[x] - Pushing articles of impeachment for ridiculous reasons such as “racism,” instead of dealing sensibly with the immigration issue.

[x] - Enabling foreigners to murder, rape, and steal from our citizens based on the rosey myth that America is a “nation of immigrants”

Should this notification motivate you to change your actions and begin construction of the border wall TODAY, this brick from the American People will help you get started.

But if you don’t get to work sending people to secure our border and build the wall, this brick will knock you OUT in the next election!
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