National Protest Note: 

Members of Congress,

I am a faithful American Patriot, firmly grounded in my faith. I am calling on you to vote AGAINST the Equality Act. 

It’s already been rammed through the House and will be in front of you for a vote any day now.

This radical left-wing agenda is not the answer to discrimination in any way, shape or form.

The Equality Act is an attack against religious freedom, infringes on religious liberties of Churches, religious non-profits and American families. It is an affront to girls everywhere who deserve a level playing field. 

This bill has disastrous consequences for our nation. We vehemently oppose it and demand that you vote NO.

I stand with the TeaParty, millions of conservative Americans and faithful Christians across the nation. Together we stand in solidarity AGAINST the Equality Act. There is nothing “equal” about it. 

Vote NO and stop the equality act from demolishing religious freedom.

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